About the Artist

Brooke Bartimioli is an abstract artist with a love for bold color, texture, and balance. Brooke's creative pursuit began in 2006 with winning a national scrapbook competition. Part of the prize was paid in actual paper- thousands of sheets of it. Inspired, Brooke began collaging door panels and adding acrylic paint to create large scale abstract art pieces. During this time she also started creating altered books, which have been published in multiple magazines and books. 

Brooke is from South Lake Tahoe, California, where most of her work is inspired from growing up immersed in nature and saturated colors. Her abstract paintings are reminiscent of elements such as moving water, rocky surfaces, patchy mosses, bright meadows, and bird’s eye views. Brooke primarily paints with acrylic, alcohol ink, dyes, and a heat gun. She also enjoys encaustic (beeswax) painting, which she often uses as an overpainting for smaller collages on wood panels.

Brooke currently lives in Northern Idaho with her husband and three daughters. She enjoys baking, word games, gardening, and tennis.